About me

I am an Afrikaans speaking middle aged male that is fortunate enough to be married to a beautiful young woman called Natasha whom I have the privilege to call my wife. At this point in time we have not yet been blessed with children, but would be grateful if and when they do come.

I was born in Africa, and I currently still live in; and love Africa.

As far as education is concerned, I have a B.Sc. Computer Science degree from UNISA (The University of South Africa) and I am really into Linux, KDE, Ubuntu and all things Opensource. One of my role-models thus definitely is Mark Shuttleworth, the first African in space and the benevolent dictator for life of the Ubuntu operating system based on GNU / Linux.

Employment wise, I am working in the petrochemical industry for a company called MegChem (Pty) located in Secunda, South Africa. One of the biggest petrochemical factories in the world is just outside my front door and provides an interesting view in the evening.

Part time, I also do freelance coding specialising in opensource tools and frameworks like Qt (C++ apps), Ruby on Rails and PHP.




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