Aug 20

What makes KDE great.

What makes KDE great, and the best DE in my opinion are:

  • The fact that it is based Qt. Qt is a c++ framework that is a joy to code with. It is well thought out, well supported and looks native on all platforms.
  • Configuration options and settings. KDE has them all and some more. You can spend days going through all the options for the desktop and the KDE apps, getting everything just right. Getting it the way YOU want it and not how one developer envisioned it should be.
  • KDE looks great, it uses by default the proven WIMP layout that is intuitive and does not get in your way or limits your options. However due to its massive amount of configuration settings and options, you can make KDE look and behave in completely different and interesting ways.
  • It has a very supportive community and a large (compared to the other opensource desktops) developer base.
  • Some of the greatest Linux apps are native KDE apps; these include but are not limited to: Amarok Music Player, K3b Disc Writing Software, Dolphin File Browser and the Krita Digital Painting Application.

Aug 19

Launched my new site.

Just completed the setup of my new site. Still need to do a lot of customisation to the site.

WordPress makes it really easy to get something professional up and running within a minimal amount of time and with very little effort. Having all of these great opensource tools at one’s disposal is a privilege. Kudos to everybody involved!

Before deploying the site on my hosting company’s server, I installed WordPress into my Kubuntu 14.04.1 (nothing beats KDE combined with Ubuntu right 😉 ) development box to allow me to tweak away on it a bit before making it publicly available.

Crazy how easy it is to setup a lamp web development machine on Ubuntu / Kubuntu. You just run these two commands:

sudo apt-get install tasksel
sudo tasksel

Then select lamp server and “Ok”, and just provide the required passwords when prompted.

I used Filezilla to upload the WordPress site to my host.

My intention with this site linked to the domain that carries my name is to use it as a central repository of info about myself, my doings and my thoughts.